Tuesday, August 19, 2014

App Review: Fun with Verbs

I have an iPad and I like a lot of apps. But I absolutely LOVE the Hamaguchi apps I have used. These high quality apps are created by a speech-language pathologist who understands how to design apps that effectively target therapy goals. I own several apps by this company and they are all excellent.

Today, I am reviewing the app, Fun with Verbs and Sentences. If you are working on syntax in your sessions, this app is AMAZING. It helps with: 

-Increasing MLU

-Usage of correct grammatical structures

-Expanding vocabulary (nouns/verbs)

Here's how it works:

1. The student (or client) chooses a subject for the sentence (a boy, a girl, or a bear).

        Example: The boy  


2. Three verb choices are presented (the student chooses what he or she wants the subject of the sentence to do).

        Example: drive  

3. Three object choices are presented that logically go along with the verb (the student also chooses the object of the sentence).

       Example: car 

4. A video (of the unique scenario that the student just created) is then presented!

       Example: The boy is driving a car. 

5. The student must repeat the full sentence after watching the video (a question prompt is given, "What is the boy doing?"). You have the option of recording the student saying the sentence. Pictures cues are provided at the bottom to help with sentence construction.

  Displaying IMG_0005.jpg 

Data on each part of the sentence (subject, verb, object) can be taken (see left side of the image above). 

The verb and sentence types can be adjusted in the settings. Verbs can be presented in the present (-ing) form, the regular past tense, and/or the irregular past tense. Sentences can be constructed with the Subject+Verb, the Subject+Object+Verb, and/or the Subject+Verb+Prepositional Phrase. The subject of the sentence can be changed as well (pronouns or nouns). Other settings that can be adjusted: cuing (visual support, sentence modeled by narrator), activities, and the Bubble game (used as a reinforcer).  

Why I Love It: Effectively targets syntax goals, great graphics, ability to create unique video clips, clear format and design, cues are provided, variety of settings to manipulate (level of difficulty can be increased).

Improvements: I'm not crazy about the Bubble reward game, but that can be removed in the settings.

Final thoughts: EXCELLENT app, highly recommended  

***The regular price for this app is $15.99. It is on sale until September 15th for $9.99! Grab it while you can for this great price at the App store .

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